Sunday, February 14, 2021

Two Small Winter Poems

Waking In a Snow Globe

The wild wind tipped the world
upside down while I was sleeping.
Now, snow catches in tree-caught gusts of air
that blows small birds off course
and sets the wind chimes swinging.
High above the spinning white,
the sun is prying the clouds apart,
loosing snowy feathers from the downy puffs,
until the air itself is made of silver and gold.

Winter Day

Snow is falling all around,
it swirls and eddies to the ground,
it makes a kind of whispery sound,
as is comes tumbling down.


Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

I particularly liked the first poem. Many lines so visual and original: I loved the combination of the wind
"that blows small birds off course
and sets the wind chimes swinging."
And I loved the sun "prying the clouds apart."

Tabor said...

Certainly fits our weather here!!

Friko said...

Elizabeth picked up on ‘he sun prying the clouds apart’
That was my favourite line too.
I wish I could do what you can do. I am reasonably happy with my prose (when I make an effort) but poetry, which I love dearly, is simply beyond me.