Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Color Me Green

New green against morning blue.

My eight-year-old granddaughter is very interested in knowing everyone’s favorite color - Mama’s, Papa’s, sister Lily’s, mine. She insisted I pick just one so I told her without hesitation that my favorite color is green. And that’s true, but so is blue in any shade from robin’s egg to cerulean, and every hue of orange with the exception of neon, rust being a definite. I’m partial to pale yellow fading to cream, and the pink that appears on the horizon at dawn. In fact, pink in every shade (though no hot pink, please) pleases me, as do various shades of brown.  I once had my colors done and was told my palette was definitely pastel. No violent colors for me, red least of all. I like red mixed with yellow, though, and when you mix red with blue I love the vast array of available purples.

Still, if I had to pick just one color it would be green; grass green and pea soup green, hemlock green, the blue green of spruce and every shade of leaf. I like lime and mint greens, military green and khaki on the green side.

According to color psychology, green is the color of equilibrium and harmony, balancing the heart and the emotions. It is also the color of growth and of spring. It restores depleted energy, creating a sanctuary from stress and increases our sense of well-being.

“Green encompasses the mental clarity and optimism of yellow with the emotional calm and insight of blue, inspiring hope and a generosity of spirit.” So says one color psychology site (http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com). When I think of the way I operate in the world, I can see that’s true. I’m a green girl, wanting to understand everything and needing to share what I learn.

I once had a favorite green blouse that made me feel all-of-a-piece when I wore it.  The gray green of unripe olives, the color complemented the yellow in my hair and the pink of my skin. I’d put it on and conquer the world every time. I wore it to shreds.

John Denver’s song, Cool and Green and Shady is one of my favorites. I love green leafy things to eat – spinach, lettuce, beet greens, cabbage, Brussels sprouts – and have decorated my living space in varying shades of blue-green.

I can get lost in the blue of the sky, ooooh and aaaahhh over pink sunsets, dress in shades of russet and brown, but hands down, green is the color I’d wrap my world in if given the choice of just one color.

Friday, April 05, 2019

Something Different

Many of you know that my poetry is mostly about nature but now and then I take a fit and write about something else. This particular night my cat woke me at midnight. I’m not at my best in the middle of the night but when I opened the door to let the cat out, the stars were right there, right there! and the big dipper was so close I could have touched it. This is what happened:

Who Knows Where This Stuff Comes From

In an alternate universe
that only looked like this familiar one
the Big Dipper leaned down over my doorstep
so I climbed in.

Did you know that stars
are really bits of music,
notes that quiver on their way
through the black, limitless space?

They sing
of glistening rivers on fog-mist mornings,
of tumbled brown soil and all that’s green and living,
of whales and cormorants,
komodo dragons and people,
and other ordinary things.

They sing of longing
and belonging.
They are the tears of sorrow and laughter
that gather in the corners
of our eyes and slip down,
down to the earth,
where in an alternate universe
they become the Big Dipper
leaning over my doorstep.