Sunday, February 10, 2019

Winter Dawn


As if the sun were not enough,
rising as it did in a welter of
pink tinged gold,
there were snowflakes -
drifting clumps of crystal feathers
borne on a barely-there breeze,
muting a cardinal’s ruby wings
with silver filigree.


Out on the prairie said...

Heard one spring call from a cardinal, may have been practicing. Just got 6 inches and 3 plus forecast today. They always tell me when time is near.Lovely verse, I have missed your thoughts

Pauline said...

Hey OOTP - snow on the way here but, as usual this winter, it will change over to freezing rain before ending. We've had more ice than snow this winter. Loved the photos on your last post!

Tabor said...

You all have had more than your fair share of this weather. I saw the Presidential Candidates announcement in the heavy wet snow. It was beautiful, but I know it was COLD! Spring is coming. Get our your seed catalogs.

Wisewebwoman said...

I had a pair of cardinals in Toronto and how I loved their visits, they had a nest nearby and fed off a special high platform I put outside my office and we all enjoyed them.

Lovely verse, Pauline. Love the word "filigree".


Pauline said...

Tabor - another storm on the way but as has been the case this winter, it will end in freezing rain and warming temps. This photo was from a year where we actually had snow that lasted more than a day!

Thanks, WWW. There are several pair in the area. The males are so striking against the white!

Barb said...

I can visualize from your words and from that snow-obscured Cardinal!

Pauline said...

Barb - I so love visiting your blog. Photos and text are always lovely.