Sunday, July 21, 2013

Just Breathe

There is something to be said for contemplative time - quite a lot, actually. After the hurly-burly of three weekdays with two small granddaughters it is a treat to sleep until I awaken naturally, to practice yoga before breakfast, to sip my first cup of tea as the first rays of sunlight wash over me, to bring my food to the outdoor table.

I am surrounded by flowers and green growing things, by songbirds and rooster crows at dawn, by areas of intense sunlight and of deep greeny-black shade. Underneath it all is the silence of the rural countryside, a silence undisturbed by surface noise, a silence that holds the singing brook, the laughter of flowers, the sighing of the wind, the whisper of passing clouds.

Some days I plan projects, on others I let the hours unfold, waiting to see what might happen. I spend a lot of time with books, reading piles of them from the library, picking up paperbacks at tag sales, pulling old favorites from my bookshelves. I write poems that appear sometimes fully formed first thing in the morning. I write entries in my daily journal, make comments in the margins of books. Ideas find their way onto odd slips of paper that I collect and put near my computer.

Sometimes of an afternoon, after a nap (an hour drifting in dreams), I hop on my one-speed (mine) double-cheek-seat, pedal brake bicycle and tour the neighborhood. One four mile trip takes me through town, another skirts the center of the village altogether, leading me instead past the river and along the edges of cornfields and hay meadows. A third takes me a straight two miles one way and another two back.

On Monday afternoons (and sometimes on Fridays) I spend hours searching the database of I have been writing what family history I know for my children and grandchildren, learning things along the way that might explain my propensity for dreaming rather than doing, my vast affection for the out-of-doors, my need for alone (and contemplative) time.

Fall will come soon enough. I relish every moment of summer freedom I have, delighting in the morning mist that slows the sunrise, the brief beauty of my garden flowers, the happy splashing of the catbird in the makeshift birdbath, the hours that unwind in shades of gold and green, the quiet time spent with books and pen, the hovering visits of the hummingbird, the dusky silence that greets the evening, the last kiss of sunlight on treetops.


Tabor said...

Thank you for such a lovely visit. I will try to get back soon.

Brian Miller said...

fall will come soon enough...i look forward to its cooling days....but the last 2 weeks of my summer, i will soak that up and live...a bike ride...i am at my parents today...maybe i will break out my old bike....

June said...

I would love to have a bicycle like yours . . . a plain ol' simple bike, sturdy in all its parts.
You and I are on the same wavelength with our summer pleasures. And I love your "blue evening" picture.

Kerry said...

So serene and lovely. This sounds like heaven to me.

molly said...

Synchronicity! I was just talking about exactly this recently with a friend. How can you even know who you are if you don't carve out contemplative time for yourself, as you so beautifully describe here!

Judith said...

Poetry in prose. Lovely.
I feel rested and refreshed myself.

Pauline said...

Tabor - thanks for coming!

Brian - did you ride that bike?

June - I love riding that bike. It suits me. I'd love one of the new retro Schwin bikes - such pretty colors.

kerry - it's my idea of heaven, too.

Molly - it's one of my favorite pastimes, just sitting and thinking

Thanks, J -

Marc Leavitt said...


I agree.