Saturday, June 01, 2013

Sunset Over the Pond

Painted in still life,
reflected on water,
leaves shimmer green
in last light,

that hour just before dusk,
when the horizon whitens
and the air stills.

Every tree at water's edge
sees itself as beautiful,
and dances with its shadow
on the pond.


My Maine Blog said...

Beautiful scene and poetry...a perfect compliment to your photo...
very inspiring and just looking at
it I feel cooler already.

Tabor said...

What a nice respite after hot and heavy work in my yard!

Marc Leavitt said...

I like it very much. The metaphor in the third stanza is wistful and evocative of selfhood and transience.

Brian Miller said...

i like that the trees see themselves as beautiful....and dance with their shadow...there is something to know...

Judith said...

The last stanza is inspirational for all of us people too!

Kerry said...

That is a beautiful time of day, and you captured it in words.

Pauline said...

Maine - thanks for the visit. I can see that scene from my cottage :)

Tabor - it was for me, too!

Marc - thanks. I hadn't seen that but now I do.

Brian - I love trees.

J - see, you saw it too. I didn't mean that when I wrote it but I like that it snuck in there.

Kerry - that's something I love doing.

Anonymous said...

I love the image of the trees dancing with their reflections!

Hilary said...

They do exactly that. Only it took you to say it so beautifully.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

This has a lovely serenity.

Gary said...

Did you ever share your poetry with your students? I'd love to have you talk about the poetry with my students some time. I hope to teach first grade next year and a visit from you would be such a treat.

Pauline said...

Barbara - it's fun to watch.

Hilary - you always say such beautiful things. Thanks.

So did the evening, JCN.

Gary - I taught poetry composition to second graders for a few years. It was great fun to set the imaginations running. Where is your school located?

Gary said...

We are in NYC near Gramercy Park. I teach poetry to my first grade classes but in kindergarten we provide lots of exposure. Next year I hope to move up with my kindergarten students so a visit would be perfect!

I always find the kids enjoy the freedom of poetry. I allows for more self expression.

If you ever find yourself in NYC on afternoon please give me a shout.