Monday, April 23, 2012

My Granddaughter's Vision

Today's prompt: write a thread poem; what life thread you follow or seek.

What Holds Us Together

At four she was still new enough
to see it shimmering silver
in the air between us,
that thin cord that connects us all,
its links forged in time and space
and love.
When I looked into her eyes
I could see it too, just off there where
the corners of the universes collide.
You can’t look full on once you’re grown;
the light, along with your beliefs, will blind you.
The twin ties of love and blood do not die
with us; love is remembered, blood
carries on. No matter my age, or hers—
the cord will stretch from here to


Out on the prairie said...

very warm and nice imaging

Brian Miller said...

nice...lots of truth in this...the cord that connects us all...and our blindness as we grow this much...

Friko said...

How very lovely. And so true; the sad thing is that the silver thread becomes invisible as we age and become selfish.

You did well to remind me.

Pauline said...

OOTP - we love each other, granddaughter and me :)

Brian - sometimes we forget to look

Friko - that particular granddaughter and I still can both see that silver cord

Hilary said...

So beautiful and tender, Pauline. A wonderful bond to have.

Barbara said...

So true, and so beautifully expressed.

Pauline said...

Hilary - she and I are two of the lucky ones!

Barbara - she's eleven now and still speaks of it!

Gillian Olson said...

Lovely words.