Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trying out rhyme schemes...

Chance Music

the wind is sighing, sighing through the trees
and sets to trembling leaves along the way
listen! a concert rises out of these

it isn’t just an errant little breeze
that makes the boughs and branches dip and sway
come watch the wind conduct with expertise!

basso profundo rolls from pines with ease
the hemlock’s baritone comes into play
listen! a concert rises out of these

can you not hear the maple’s tenor tease
or catch the alto of the elm at play?
come watch the wind conduct with expertise!

the volume dips and rises by degrees
depending on which way the breezes stray
listen! a concert rises out of these

if only nature granted a reprise
I’m sure I miss a concert every day
not giving any heed to trembling leaves
come watch! the wind conducts with expertise!


Out on the prairie said...

I hear that song a lot and have a hard time not being outside to enjoy it.

Brian Miller said...

ah whata beautiful nature song you have captured...just the music i love to hear...

molly said...

i don't remember much from H.S. English about writing poetry, except for strings of repetitive letters, but this is wonderful! makes me think I should have paid better attention. I especially love how the rhyme doesn't always come at the end of a line.....

Judith said...

As intricate as lace!
You love a challenge poetically speaking, Pauline, and always rise, not only up to, but above it.

Anonymous said...

I love listening to nature's symphony and your poem captured it perfectly!

Marion said...

Oh, I love this poem, and I'm so glad I didn't miss it! I've been off the computer a lot this summer...

We had Wind and Lightning and Thunder last night...I wish I had read this poem before it happened. The Wind certainly did conduct with expertise...I love this line! And a concert surely did rise out of it!

So great...thanks so much! xx

goatman said...

You are amongst many trees, as am I but only a stiff breeze produces the sounds indicated.

But I will listen . . .

Meggie said...

A beautiful reminder of the lovely "Free Treats" life offers.

Pauline said...

OOTP - it's my favorite kind of music

Brian M - me too!

Molly, for the life of me I can't remember what form this is - a villanelle maybe but the rhyming doesn't seem quite right for that. I marked most of my poems with the form I was trying out, except this one.

J - a neat description though I find making lace much more difficult.

Thanks Barbara S!

Marion - the melodies the wind creates fascinate me

Goatman, sometimes the tunes are very whispery but even the slightest breeze will make a song...

So true, Meggie!

Friko said...

It's lovely.

Does the form have a name? There is a lot of rhythm to it, I read it out loud.

Anonymous said...

Rhyme and rhythm may be deemed old-fashioned, but I always enjoy a modern view cast into classical form (not sure if this metaphor works, though). In enjoy both the music you write and the music you evoke, Pauline.

Pauline said...

Friko - I think it's a villanelle but I may be wrong. Usually when I'm trying out forms I make a note of what is is but I forgot on this one. I think all poetry sounds better read aloud!

tms - I like both rhyme and rhythm and find them a useful and worthy challenge. Thanks for coming by to read and comment.