Thursday, September 02, 2010

A V-8 Moment

The temperature has been hovering in the 90s these first couple of days back to school. Overheated classrooms with not a breath of air stirring does not offer the most conducive atmosphere for learning. Still, there are some funny little moments like this one.

As our class of 7 year olds was making its way to the buses a small boy suddenly remembered that he had horse back riding lessons that afternoon and thought his mom might be picking him up.

Me: Did you mother send a note?

Child: What for?

Me: Telling us that she was going to pick you up so we wouldn't put you on the bus.

Child: Nope, I don't think so. She just told me.

Me: What did she tell you?

Child: I don't know. I never pay attention to her when she talks at me in the morning.

Me: You don't? Why not?

Child: She never says anything interesting.

Me: Well, it might be interesting to know where you're going after school.

Child: I KNOW where I'm going after school. I'm going horseback riding. I just told you.

Me: But we don't know if you're going on the bus or being picked up.

Child: You don't?

Me: No - we don't have a note from your mom.

Child: I KNOW that. I already told you she told me.

Me: But you don't know what she told you because you didn't listen.

Child: Well, you wouldn't listen either because she's boring in the morning.

So, we went to the office, called Mom and ascertained that said child should go home on the bus.

Me: Please listen to your mom in the mornings from now on.

Child: Nah. I'll just tell her to write it all down for YOU.

Me: What if you forget the note?

Child: That's why they invented telephones!


Brian Miller said...

you know he has a gotta love kids...

Unknown said...

hi i like the blog very much.

Peter Bryenton said...

I'm taking this one to school with me on Monday.

Ruth said...

I can't decide if I want to laugh, or throttle him. :)

20th Century Woman said...

Might as well save paper. And breath talking to the kid.


molly said...

Like Ruth, I'm undecided, but leaning heavily towards throttling the little bugger!

Hilary said...

LOL.. I have to wonder if my guys had those chats with their teachers over the years. Too funny.

Sky said...

oh, i see why i never had kids and do not teach them! i don't have the patience and would not trust my hands to stay away from the smacking i think he deserves!