Wednesday, March 17, 2010

While we're on the subject...

Doubt and Faith

A month ago there were patches of
stubborn snow under the blackberry bushes
and the grass was still last year’s,

dead and brown. Now, though, oh now!
Every bare branch is budded, every
blade of grass new green, every breeze

a sigh from heaven. How could I have
doubted spring? The blackberry’s faith
is greater than mine.


steven said...

it's like every hope you hold through the winter starts to flower. what a beautiful photograph!!! steven

Russell said...

Enjoyed the photo of the blue bells (one word or two? never know...) and, more than that, your words.

Very nice. Thanks. I enjoyed reading this.

Marion said...

I think you've written about those bluebells before? What a beautiful photo...oh! I will continue to look at it until Spring bounces into the Cariboo. You've given me hope again, lol!

Barbara said...

It is so reassuring to see those little green leaves coming out everywhere, even from plants that had been pruned. Nature is mighty!

And so are you with a line like that last one.

molly said...

Lovely photos, lovely words....Reminds me of "Le Foret Bleu" in Belgium,in Springtime when the forest floors were literally a sea of bluebells!

Pauline said...

steven - it's exactly like that!

russell - bluebells, all one word, and all amassed in the backyard

marion - I can't remember!

nature is mighty, indeed, Barbara - thank goodness!

Thanks, Molly - in all the spaces under all the trees there may be thousands here, too :)

herhimnbryn said...

Blackberries and bluebells = bliss.

Sky said...

such a beautiful springtime photograph. blues across the landscape join the sky with the lovely. :)

Pauline said...

HHB - lots to be blissful about in spring!

Thanks Sky - I can't get onto your blog site to read or comment. I get an "invitation only" message... :(

Land of shimp said...

Pauline, I've got little to add here. Like you, I'm anxious for Spring, and looking for signs of it everywhere. I'm not sure why I want this season to cycle into the past, and the new one to dawn, but I do.

However, my real comment has to do with your other posts. A lot of times I'll visit someone and catch up on several posts at once, as was the case today.

The diversity in your posts was very refreshing to my mind this morning. Carvings and subtraction, new growth, and faith.

It made me realize why I'm craving Spring. I want some variance and that's precisely what you just provided. Thank you.

Meggie said...

I need to remember, Nature doesn't question.