Monday, July 01, 2013


The sun's as hot as melted cheese,
It oozes down between the leaves,
then spreads itself across the lawn
and slides along the trunks of trees.

By noon all trace of cool has gone,
the birds have ceased to sing their songs,
and every breathing thing is still,
until the daylight's almost gone.

Then thunderheads begin to build,
all black and blue behind the hill.
the sky takes on an eerie glow
and slowly rain begins to spill

The storm may calm the heat for now,
like asprin soothes a fevered brow,
but searing heat is summer's vow,
yes searing heat is summer's vow.


Marc Leavitt said...

Your poem made me hungry, but I'll leave the air conditioneron. Great metaphor!

Brian Miller said...

ha. i love the sun hot as melted cheese dripping down through the trees...i have always wanted to do a poem using grilled cheese and you got it...smiles...

Tabor said...

That heat is nasty. That photo actually looks as though lava is crossing the yard!

Kerry said...

I love your poem SO much! It is very hot in Oregon right now and everything stays under cover until about 7 PM when it cools down. Then you can hear the birds and crickets.

Judith said...

So beautifully crafted it almost (not quite) makes one grateful for the heat that inspired your poem.

Pauline said...

lol Marc - n point in melting the cheese twice!

Brian, if you post one, tell me!

Tabor - the heat continues. I am now as melted as hot cheese!

Kerry - all the bugs and the birds are silent at the hottest part of the day.

J - thank you, as always. No need to be too grateful for this heat, though!