Monday, June 17, 2013

Morning Thoughts


Words overlay thoughts
Until the map of my life
Is a dual cosmology
A study in parallels
Blue lines for all the ideas
From which the red lines veer
Covered with imaginary footprints
Until I walk
Literally and figuratively
Off the edge.


My Maine Blog said...

This is beautiful and very thought provoking and can be interpreted in many ways. It's all about life isn't it? The twists and turns in our life journey...both real and imaginary...what we have done and what we have failed to do. I love the way you put words truly have a gift.

Pauline said...

I so agree that one must live as fully as one can while one can. But I think, even without an illness, you would have come to that conclusion anyhow - your photographs suggest a deep appreciation of life's "little" moments. Be well.

Brian Miller said...

concrete thoughts and imagination intertwine....we can dance a delicate balance between the two...long as we keep a foot in each...smiles...

Joanna Jenkins said...

You never know where life will take you.
xo jj

Judith said...

Such a short poem to be so crammed full of provocative thoughts, and ideas ---
a beautiful hieroglyph of blue and red.

Friko said...

Off the edge? Not just yet, there are still many twists and turns to follow.
At least, I hope.

Pauline said...

Brian - that's your forte, too!

JJ - it's probably a good thing!

J - thanks :)

Friko - the edge is just an eventuality!

Wisewebwoman said...

The edge nudges ever nearer.