Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Seek and ye shall find...

Try a syllable count poetry form. (Mine is four, four-line stanzas - 6-6-6-2, 6-6-6-2, 6-6-6-2, 6-6-6-2 syllables.)

Oh blue-shuttered cottage - 
who would guess the heartache
that led me to your door?
I knew

the moment I saw your
four-walled arms that I'd be
safe, and the violets
that grew

in wild blue profusion
promised sunshine, and rain
that would lull me to sleep
at night.

One could wander for years
seeking consolation 
and then find violets,
and peace.


Brian Miller said...

niolets would def bring peace...smiles...and love falling asleep to the rain...

JeannetteLS said...

I felt like this when I first saw the house I had to sell last year. Twenty-one years of a profusion of violets lining the yard, filling the back yard entirely.

And that is precisely how I felt. I had a black-shuttered BIG house that felt like a cottage inside.

Love this poem.

Steve Reed said...

This certainly makes me feel the security of home. And it doesn't seem at all forced, despite the syllable structure. Terrific!

Out on the prairie said...

There is a real charm to be found in a home.