Monday, April 16, 2012


Today's prompt: Write a poem that is a provisional assertion of yes and happiness, in an “it might be otherwise” tone.

No truer words were spoken
than this too, shall pass.
Joy and sorrow share the same path,
walking hand in hand.

One is wise to remember
it can always be otherwise -
But, oh the joy!
The promise of joy

when life is dark, that
leads us to walk between the two,
 ever mindful that

this too, shall pass.


Brian Miller said...

this too shall pass carries such resignation to the circumstances, which in some cases might be ok...i think you nailed the prompt...

icyhighs said...

The promise of joy, deceitful though it may be, has probably saved more lives than modern medicine.

Pauline said...

Brian - I don't see the resignation, I see the hope. There's that choosing bit again!

I so agree Icy - thanks for coming by to read and comment

June said...

I don't know much about poetry . . . but I like this lyrical reminder.

Out on the prairie said...

Many of us overlook the simple joys in our lives

Judith said...

I stand with Brian on this one, my mother used it all the time, and always with resignation.
So --- provisional? Absolutely.

Hilary said...

Words I consider often.. if not for my own circumstances, then for others. It's a hopeful thought. Cycles, and all that. Nicely done, Pauline.

Barbara said...

This will become my new mantra in a difficult time of my life. You are so infinitely wise!

Anne said...

Thanks, I needed that.

Pauline said...

Thanks HIlary - it's interesting how our perceptions are colored by our past.

Barbara - thanks. It gives me hope, too.

And Anne - you're welcome! Thanks for visiting.