Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring is...

Today's prompt: Write a poem that includes synesthesia—at least three incidences of cross-sensory metaphor.  

The rich, brown scent of damp earth
disguised as a newly plowed field,
and the smell of green on the land;
the blue shape of water
undisturbed by cotton clouds.

What color is hope, what form renewal?
Let all your senses reel,
let them dance the happy dance
of sunshine, of spilled, yellow joy.


Brian Miller said...

haha my senses def know the happy dance...i love the smell of earth too so you had me from the first line...

Barbara said...

love, love, love this! You captured Spring with your words!

Marion said...

Winter is such a long period of time here. Reading your poem, I realize that the scent of damp earth is what I miss the most during those long, icy months!

But Spring is here now...and your poem makes me feel even happier! xx

Pauline said...

Brian - that smell! Like heaven after a long winter.

Barbara - thank you! I try...

Marion - I know just what you mean. And I'm glad you're happy :)