Monday, April 02, 2012

A Poet's Notebook

You might think,
looking at that journal,
leather bound and tied with a string,
that she lives her life in fragments,
in brief, punctuated sentences,

but in truth, her life is seamless.
Commas are mere pauses to catch
the breath, periods small knots
that end one thread before another begins.
Exclamation points are like straight pins—
they keep the fabric of her life
from unraveling.

Today's prompt? Write about a poet's journal.


Brian Miller said...

commas are mere pauses to catch the true is that...have a few of those notebooks myself...

Gillian Olson said...

Well written. love those little leather bound notebooks.

Hilary said...

You sew your words together so beautifully.

Brian Hayes said...

How How do you do it?!
Yeh Yeh you're a poet.
But that's only a nod we give you.
It's much the labor you give us, the path we find you walking, the wit that gives us wise.

Pauline said...

Brian M - I have many of them, too, some only partially filled. Maybe when I'm retired I can write on every page...

Thakns, Gillian - I love them, too. I carry one with me wherever I go, just in case words ambush me.

Ah Hilary - thank you :)

Brian H - someday I might be a poet but I think what I am now is merely a wordsmith, but I thank you for the compliment.

Barbara Shallue said...

beautiful!! you are most definitely both a poet and a wordsmith!

Pauline said...

Thanks, Barbara!