Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I used to think my mother was a queen...

Today's prompt: Make unlikely, yet particular, offerings to the queen.
You get twelve lines —
four three-line stanzas,
or three four-line stanzas.

Make each stanza able to stand alone . All the rules are arbitrary.  You are free to ignore them.  The queen has no hold over you.

To Mommy

I'll make you a crown of paper
with make-believe jewels.
You could use my magic wand
To make it be real.

You can borrow my fake fur muff.
I will put black spots on it with
my magic marker so it looks
like it's made of real fur.

Real queens have to make laws and things
but we already have enough rules 
in this house.
If I was the queen, I'd take some away.

I put my blankie on your chair.
Now it looks like a real throne.
I gave you a cushion, too.
Can you put it back on the sofa when you're done?


Judith said...

That is utterly charming and delightful, Pauline.
One to illustrate ---

Brian Miller said...

ha this was fun...made me think of playing make believe with my sons...

Barbara said...


Out on the prairie said...

very nice, I like your fantasy queen

Pauline said...

Thanks, J - I always did think my mother was the Queen of England. She looked a lot like her.

Thanks, Barbara :)

OOTP - she was quite real!