Saturday, April 07, 2012


Today's prompt: The 16 Word Stanza Exercise

Three five-line stanzas—each stanza only sixteen words. What can you stuff
into this simple form?

Sunrise brings the 
wind that slept
in the night,
blanketed in moonlight,
pillowed on bright stars.

Wind wakes fully.
no shilly-shallying.
It bends the tall grasses
and waltzes with the

Left on the clothesline
overnight, a lone shirt
hugs itself, its
sleeves wrapped
against the chill.


Brian Miller said...

love the visual in that middle stanza...and shilly shallying...ha never heard that...

steven said...

pauline . . . .the first stanza . . . so singable, so danceable, so lovely . . . . steven

Pauline said...

Brian - my mother was forever telling me not to shilly-shally!

Steven - from a singable danceable poet, that's a lovely compliment. Thanks!