Sunday, April 15, 2012


Write a poem with an extended metaphor, a metaphor so extended it fills most of the poem.  Your poem doesn’t have to be about the heart.  The metaphor need not be that of an animal.  However, do keep your heart open and welcome whatever creatures, if any, appear.

The chained dog,
tethered for years,
when freed will 
lick your hand,
and stay.

The freed heart
will no more run
than the
chained dog,
but circles the same worn path
waiting for freedom.


steven said...

whoa pauline! that's a powerful piece of writing!the second stanza's like a punch in the face. steven

Out on the prairie said...

Many of us forget to follow our heart

Brian Miller said... hit it, take a step back and hit is again on the metaphor...i like...

Brian Miller said...

and a true metaphor as well..

Judith said...

Wow! Powerful --

Sounds like a poem written years ago and memorized --- and just temporarily misplaced in the mind.

Tabor said...

Excellent job on both. Really good read.

Pauline said...

Steven - how often do we do that? Stay when we're set free...

OOTP - and it causes us a lot of pain

thanks Brian - you're the king of metaphors!

J - it just popped out at the prompt. It's weird when that happens and I don't always trust it but I guess it worked this time.

Thanks, Tabor - I'm glad