Friday, April 13, 2012

Believe What you See

Write a fanciful theory/explanation poem.
I know the water cycle
makes perfect sense but
it's a cover up for what
really happens - 
clouds are not made of evaporated water.
How mundane.

They are composed of our ancestors,
those hardy folk who went before us,
or pets that have gone to their reward.
Hordes of departed souls form clouds
Proof lies in their shapes - 
a galloping horse over here, 
Aunt Winifred's silhouette looming there,
a ragged line of immigrants trudging 
along the horizon.


Brian Miller said...

smiles...i like your explanation for the shape of the clouds...will have to look up at them today and see what mine are saying to me...i love looking at the clouds....

Pearl said...

:-) I like that, and concur.


Anne said...

I just love this poem.

Kerry said...

It's true. Fanciful and true, what really happens.