Sunday, April 29, 2018

From a Sunday Morning Write With a Friend

Every Sunday morning a writing friend and I connect via telephone. She suggests a prompt, or I do, and we spend an hour composing poetry and prose. This is what came of this rainy morning's collaboration.

Chorus Line

rain, slipping down
from a colorless sky,

lines its drops
along a branch—

one, three, six,

a chorus line
waiting to perform;

two hydrogen,
one oxygen,

bringing their own light,
their own music,

they wobble, quiver,

the reflections of
everything around them

changing as they fall;
now gray sky,

now crenellated trunk,
now green blades

pushing up from
the thirsty earth.

One Sentence Poem

Compose a poem using these words: molecule, zig-zag, shoestring, calico, quiet, tree

Do molecules follow a zig-zag path
or do they stretch themselves out
like the trunk of a tree,
like a shoestring, a quiet line,
like the thread in a calico quilt
holding everything together?


Out on the prairie said...

I always look forward to your verse. Here is a share:
This Moment

To sit quietly,
In a softly lit sunroom,
In the waning hours
Of my day,
To listen,
To wind chimes,
And the cool morning breeze,
As it rustles tall leaves
Of prairie grasses and flora
To hear the occasional bark
Of a distant dog, that resounds
With echoes of everyday life,
Winding down...
Beyond my doors and
The ivy-covered block wall,
That define my small
Backyard wilderness...
Are luxuries, I know,
And I am at peace,
Contented in the fullness
Of this moment,
And the possibilities,
That lie

Barbara said...

What a treasure to come here and ready your words. Such beautiful imagery! You and your friend need to publish a book of your poetry!

Pauline said...

OOTP - thank you for the share! I have a folder containing poems friends have written. This one is going in there so I can read it again. You make word pictures as lovely as you do camera ones.

Barbara - alas, publishing is not for me. I do make books for friends with collections of poems I've written but self-publishing is as close to the real thing as I want to get. I'm glad you enjoy my posts :)