Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday Write

Most Sundays a writing friend and I spend an hour working together. Here are the results of today's prompts.

Yard Report

grass paths, snowbound on either side
bare branches against a grey sky
dozens of snowbirds under the feeder
scarlet sunrise yielding to a yellow sun
toe-curling cold giving way to thawing warmth
oak leaves dangling by their stems in the quiet air
ducks talking to themselves in the hen house
next door dog greeting me with a sharp bark as I step outside
rooster repeating his sunrise trumpeting
shades of brown and gold and gray and white with a splash of red winterberry
ice on the pond

Photographs Not Taken

8 inches of snow filling my parking spot
selfie of disheveled me after an hour of shoveling
sun glinting off snow, casting rainbows far and wide
wind-sculpted snow lying along the fence rails
black trees inked against a pale sky
the deep brown of the dog Bear’s eyes as we gazed at each other
the man in the bright red cap driving a bright green tractor
water thundering over the dam, jumping up and rushing away downstream
wings of a dozen geese flapping in unison
the charming little pies made in an ice cube tray

Haiku-esque From Lists

Grass path, snowbound edge
leading to the henhouse door.
Rooster greets the sun.

Grey squirrel, tail a flag,
quarrels with the birds.
Yellow sun dispels the cold.

The pond, a sealed note
written about ice and snow.
Underneath, a fish.

Snow is a blank page
upon which winter writes
in shades of brown and gold.


Barbara said...

Pauline, you really need to look into publishing your words. You are truly an artist. I'm so glad you continue to polish your gift and share it with us. I didn't even need a photograph to see the photographs not taken. Thank you!

Friko said...

Truly love the haiku.
You are still writing most eloquently and elegantly, I am glad that I am ready to come and visit again. You are a tonic for the soul.

Molly Bon said...

Pictures as good as paints....

Wisewebwoman said...

Snow is a blank page
upon which winter writes
in shades of brown and gold.

Oh how perfect is that!

Pauline - you won the dishcloths, congratulations! Please send me your address please so I can mail them off.


Pauline said...

Barbara - I thank you for the compliments. I was a columnist/feature writer for a local newspaper for years and have self published a collection of columns. I have no real interest in trying to be published in a big way, though.

Friko - I am glad you are feeling like coming back to read! Thanks for the support :)

Molly - I love the challenge of painting word pictures.

WWW - thanks :) And how cool about the dishcloths - I will hop over to your page and leave my mailing address! Yippee!

Barb said...

I like the small stone lists, but the Haiku really paints the picture for me. Winter in the country.

Pauline said...

Barb - just read your latest entry. Glad you survived that tumble with nothing worse than broken glasses and some aches and pains! Thanks for coming by and reading :)