Sunday, November 01, 2015

Month of Losses, Month of Gains

November is the spare season.
Nature’s bones show
in the ribbed rocks
and naked hardwoods.

Color blows down
as scattered leaves,
leeches into the soil,
in monochromatic brown.

Warmth lingers in hidden places,
in corners and deep grasses,
close to the earth
where roots gather.

Trees are stripped and polished
by wind and sun,
the sky scoured by energetic rain,
cloud buffed and blue-bright.

Slow down, says the season.
Gather in, hunker down.
I comply, storing root crops,
counting blessings by the jar.

I learn to live the seasons,
to differentiate sky calls of greeting and farewell,
knowing that what leaves in November
returns in the spring.

All around me dance the twin fires,
death and life interchanging,
energy and smoke,
the blossom faded, the seed set.

Dark and cold come hand in hand,
arriving early, staying late,
bringing coziness as a house gift,
unwrapping hours of ease,

an excuse to curl by the fire
book in hand, drink at the elbow,
while rain lashes the windows

and the wind wails because it can’t get in.


Barb said...

I think November is pleased with how you painted it with your words. I love the thought of November as a "spare season." Stay cozy and warm.

Wisewebwoman said...

"and the wind wails because it can’t get in."

I do love that line :)


Out on the prairie said...

Very nice, I love the changes you can be both nasty and nice. I was without a jacket yesterday, but my parka hangs waiting.

Friko said...

After the miserable year of stress, trials and tribulations we have just survived I am not sure that I don’t look forward to November. Particularly because the wind simply cannot get in!

I like your poem very much, it speaks to me because I see the season like you see it.

Hilary said...

You make me feel love for a month that is my least favourite. "Counting blessings by the jar" is such a perfect expression of gratitude and abundance.

Pauline said...

Barb, I've always loved November. January, not so much!

WWW - the wind always seems to be talking...

OOTP, mine, too, though we've had a remarkably warm November.

Ah Friko, we think alike in so many ways. Yours is one of my favorite blogs!

Hilary - I have jars and jars, and jars of preserved fruit. I love the feeling of knowing I can provide for myself.