Sunday, January 04, 2015

Not Quite Haiku

This Sunday’s writing prompt was to compose pithy phrases, not necessarily sticking to the 17 syllables of American haiku but with enough rhythm to give the illusion of poetry. It took me a while to loosen up and let go of the form. Writing like this is such fun and very freeing.

Cold winter rain falls.
Birds seek shelter. So do I.
Flowers sleep on, undisturbed.

Darkness is not bleak
when one remembers the moon.
Hang your own sky light.

Early morning birds,
Apples saucing in the pan;
small things delight me.

The tea kettle boils.
Silence shatters on a whistle.
The sun never appears.

Snow makes a dim light
garnered from the night bright stars
laid on the bare ground.

each one winter’s warrior

Yard, roof, sky
wrapped in impenetrable

Tracks in the snow
lead to everywhere.
I cannot follow.

Birds whisper in winter
the songs they sing in spring.

Gray weathered fence
Supports a weary rose.
I bend my own head down.

One shuddering leaf
speaks for all of winter.


Out on the prairie said...

I'm in a major winter event today, the snow is blowing horizontal. A good day to make some bread. Most times that pentameter runs away from me a bit.

Hilary said...

You're very good at these. I love the idea of the moon being our personal skylight.

Brian Miller said...

i like the correlation you make to that fence...i bend down a bit as well....its just cold and damp here....

Anonymous said...

I love this! You did a great job with it. The last lines are perfect.