Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Borrowed Thoughts

I wish I'd written this. I didn't though - Pat Schneider did. Think on this:

The Patience of Ordinary Things

It is a kind of love, is it not?

How the cup holds the tea,

How the chair stands sturdy and foursquare, 

How the floor receives the bottoms of shoes

Or toes. How soles of feet know

Where they're supposed to be.

I've been thinking about the patience 

Of ordinary things, how clothes

Wait respectfully in closets

And soap dries quietly in the dish,

And towels drink the wet

From the skin of the back.

And the lovely repetition of stairs.

And what is more generous than a window?


Vincent said...

I wish too! Exquisite, profound and couldn't be simpler. Thank you for finding this flower of poetry and putting it in your public vase.

Roberta S said...

I love this, pauline. So original, and giving us simple reasons (in such unexpected ways) for gratefulness. I understand why you wanted to borrow it, share it, and thanks much for doing so.

Lee said...

Beautiful. Thank you for passing it on.

Unknown said...

Yes, what wonderful words. Thank you for putting them out there for all of us.
Another simple act that makes one smile and know that all is as it should be

Sky said...

this "feels" good to read. such joyful abundance surrounds us.

molly said...


Pauline said...

Thanks, all. Isn't it a marvelous tribute to the small things?

herhimnbryn said...

Yes! Thankyou for posting this P.

Mother of Invention said...

This is perfect and we never really pay homage to these things. WE should all try to add to this list just by going about our daily lives, observing more carefully.

Avus said...

I popped by on the recommendation of Herhimnbryn and glad I came. Thanks, Pauline - nice one!

Pauline said...

HHB - glad you liked it

MOI - how true! that's what I thought when I read it, too

glad to have you stop by Avus.

Anonymous said...

These are thoughts worth borrowing. Thanks!

Pam said...

Yes, indeed. So appropriate how all those things somehow work together. Great, deceptively simple words. Love the coloured glass too.