Saturday, January 18, 2014


it’s hard just to
thread the needle
hard to see the stitches
through your tears.

Hard to breathe.

Word by word
stitch by stitch
darning in the dark
the hard lump of your pain
the darning egg

underneath the hole in your heart.

Weaving thoughts into days
days into years
time into forgiveness
threads into patterns.

Before you know it
You’ve a new patch
a fix
a useable thing

from the mended old.


Brian Miller said...

ah we become like old quilts...each patch a story...and hopefully a bit of forgiveness...

Barbara Shallue said...

Pauline, this is beautiful. It truly touches me. I've shed many tears the past two years - I love the optimistic note at the end. Thank you!

Tabor said...

This is lovely. It has that hard lump of pain along with our work to make things better...with scars, but better.

Maggid said...

thank you for healing words.

Kerry said...

Beautiful, so full of grace.

Pauline said...

Brian - I'm always surprised at what mending can accomplish.

Barbara - it's a pity to give up the whole when only part of it needs mending...

Thanks, Tabor - that's it exactly.

Maggid - glad they helped with whatever needed healing...

Kerry - thank you. That's a nice thought - full of grace.

Barbara said...

Your poetry has only gotten better in my absence from Blogging!

I'm a darner and I really get it.


Hilary said...

Beautiful and words/patches that can be put to good use for all of us at any given time. Thank you for that.

Pauline said...

Thanks, Barbara!

Hilary - time has a way of mending things...

Brian Miller said...

ah i would love to go to your open mic sometime...that would be cool...smiles.

Michael Manning said...

Beautifully written, yes.

Pauline said...

Thanks, Michael.