Wednesday, April 03, 2013


April 2

In this second exercise move beyond pure image into I statements, You statements, metaphor, or perhaps anthropomorphizing.

The grass on the other side
may be greener
but it's still grass

At dusk
I watch the swallows play chicken
with the gnats

To be pithy
one must put large thoughts
in small spaces

April 3

 Write a poem that a child might write.   Fall into that voice of slightly goofy innocence and wonder.  Trust simplicity and the way children give human emotions to objects... 

My toes like sand between them,
and the foam the waves leave behind.
If toes could giggle, mine would.
They would laugh out loud like the gulls
that swoop and glide
because they know that tomorrow
they will still be at the beach.


Brian Miller said...

smiles. i rather like the child view...and the beach...i wanna go to the beach...and still be a child...smiles.

the first is cool too...its still grass...that is for sure...

Tabor said...

You are really good at this. Was this hard or did it flow naturally for you?

Out on the prairie said...

Love your 4-3 poem best, it brought out a lot of day dreaming in the sand and water.

Peter Bryenton said...

No rule.

Pauline said...

Brian - I've had a wonderful time at the beach. It will be hard to leave!

Tabor - I have to admit the words flow easily most of the time.

OOTP - My toes were laughing right along with the gulls!

B - the best part of making stuff up is there are no rules unless you want there to be.

Marc Leavitt said...

Hi Pauline:

Your latest poems remind me of Monet - if he wrote poetry, that is. Wonderful stuff!

Re: the marvelous minions of medecine; with rare exceptions, they've always worn the cloak of arrogance and self-perpetuating mystery.
Frankly, they make me tired.
Earlier in my life, I used to buy their mystery;no more.

I've chewed out three of the nasty beasties in the past year.

They are, after all, only well-trained mechanics with the job of fixing and maintaining squishy machines.

Secret societies have caused most of the world's problems, and continue to bdo so, whether they be religious or secular.



Judith said...

Likewise these three ---
anglais à français ---

Pauline said...

J - very cool!