Sunday, July 29, 2012

Late Night Thoughts

The cosmos, courtesy of NASA
The biologist Stephen Jay Gould famously proposed that if we could "rewind the tape" of evolution and play it again, chance would give rise to a world that was completely different from the one we live in now.

Brian Greene talks about the multiverse vs our current view of the universe.

Staying up late has its advantages. I get to watch NOVA! I hope no one presses the rewind button too soon. I'm not done messing about with this world yet.


Tabor said...

NOVA is a great show and I do catch it now and again.

Brian Miller said...

well that will certainly give me something to ponder at work today...smiles....

Gary said...

I love NOVA and these images from NASA are so stunning it is hard to believe they are real.

Staying up late does bring about a freedom of thought we are too busy for with the pressures of the day. It's questioning at its best.

Do you watch Doctor Who? Based on this post you might enjoy it.

Judith said...

I hope they don't press the rewind button, there are still too many of your thoughts to read ---

Pauline said...

Tabor, I so seldom watch TV but got hooked on NOVA.

Brian - I love thinking about the things programs like this present. I'd love to be able to understand quantum physics!

Gary - after watching the show I had comets firing and great ideas circulating. It was hard to go to sleep. What is Dr. Who?

J - and I have so many thoughts to think! Thanks for the interest - I love knowing you're going to read what I write :)

Rob-bear said...

Pressing "rewind" could be fun, and could be frightening. Besides, it isn't possible. So let's relax, and work with what we have, here and now.

Kerry said...

I'm not all for that re-wind button yet either.

Gosh I wonder if Nova comes on here; I'm gonna check.