Sunday, July 03, 2011

Happy 4th!

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Deep in the dark, 
after the dogs and burgers, 
the deviled eggs,
the watermelon seed-spitting contest,

after the badminton and high dives,
 the dive back to the
still laden tables,

and the satiated somnolence
that crept over everyone
like a warm blanket -

after all that came the night,

with its anticipation of sky-fire 
and canon boom,
sparklers held at arm's length,

the ooohing and ahhing,
the window-cracking BANG!
of Chinese firecrackers, 

paper and flash powder exploding like stars
deep in the dark.


Tabor said...

Since it is just the two of us I have not decided if we will go see the boom and bang...yet.

Judith said...

Oh, the magical sparklers!

You make me nostalgic even for things I haven't fully experienced!

Brian Miller said... captured the eve lovely...we will slip onto the green of the country club to watch their fun...

Frank Baron said...

We just finished our excuse for fireworks a couple of days ago. (July 1st was Canada Day.) Enjoy yours. :)

Hilary said...

It's just like being there.. you with your magical words.

Jimmy said...

Oh wow. You made me miss fireworks so hard! It was great seeing some yesterday, though. Nice poem!

International call

Pauline said...

Tabor - I didn't have to go anywhere as it turned out - the neighbor's son staged a small display in my own backyard!

J - I loved those sparklers! Haven't held one in years...

Brian - there used to be fireworks on the 4th itself. Then the surrounding towns chose different nights. This year there weren't any close by!

Frank - any excuse for a picnic and fireworks ;)

Thanks, Hilary! Words can paint pictures if you encourage them.

And thank you, too, Jimmy. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment.

Gary said...

This year I saw the fireworks over the ocean from a blanket on the sand. And it was after the dogs and burgers and deviled eggs :)