Monday, April 25, 2011

Where Poetry Happens

A cat, a bench, the waning sun,
A woman, and a day’s work done,
Came all together on a hill,
To end the day where they’d begun.

Below them lay both pond and rill.
The breeze-blown water danced until
The evening held its breath, and then
The water, like the wind, grew still.

And as it had in morning when,
The woman and the cat had been
Ensconced upon the dreaming seat,
A muskrat waddled from his den.

He broke the glassy water sheet,
and set, with that innocuous feat,
the night in motion with his feet,
the night in motion with his feet.


steven said...

on this rose-tinged rainy evening becoming i'm thankful to the muskrat. steven

LauraX said...

a beautiful poem...I loved this line "The woman and the cat had been
Ensconced upon the dreaming seat," especially!

Brian Miller said...

ha. this was a delightful verse...i too am rather fond of the muskrat...the dreaming seat is a nice touch as well...

Judith said...

Forget Robert Frost --
This is quite, quite wonderful.
Especially the notion of the muskrat setting the night into motion ---

Pauline said...

Steven - a pair of them have made a home on Mill Pond. I often spend time watching them.

LauraX - thanks. I have a wooden bench that sits on a wooded rose above the pond. It's a perfect place to sit and dream - hence the name.

Brian - they are fun to watch

Thank you J - the pond surface was so still. There wasn't a bit of wind and the only movement anywhere was that small animal leaving a v of wavelets behind him :)

Tabor said...

A perfectly lovely evening expressed in a perfectly lovely way.

Meggie said...

Lovely. Tranquil pleasure.

Jannie Funster said...

as evening held its breath. Oh. My. Goodness. That's is just lovely. The whole poem is! How the lady and her cat came circle for the day in a world of work and splendor.


I have a cat, and I LOVE that little guy!!


Pauline said...

Thanks Tabor - sometimes poetry says it best...

It is indeed, Meggie

Jannie - that happens often between daylight and dusk... it's my favorite time of day