Monday, April 11, 2011

From Bud to Bloom

A soft rain is falling, the precursor to more violent storms headed our way. My peas and  spinach will get watered, and the daffodils, spattered with paint chips as my house is scraped in anticipation of a new coat of white paint, will look clean and presentable again. Yesterday they looked like this:

daffodil buds

Today, after a full day of 70+ degrees, brilliant sunshine, and a beguiling breeze, they greeted me like this:

blooms among the paint chips
I will fall asleep in wind-scented sheets, listening to the rain as it patters against the windows.


steven said...

pauline - that has to be among the most exquisite experiences i know. wind-blown sheets, the window open just enough to hear the rain, and the sound of rain on the deck or the roof. wow! thankyou. steven

Pauline said...

Steven - oh, I so agree! The spring peepers are serenading from the swamp, and the scent coming through the window of wet earth and the buds and catkins of all the trees! It's like sleeping in heaven :)

Gary said...

Wow, that is quite a change. Today I didn't get to enjoy this lovely weather at all because I was not feeling so well. Darn it!

Barbara said...

It is amazing what a difference a day can make. I always wish we could keep the daffodils and dogwoods in bloom for a longer time, but they have their own ideas about a schedule.

Judith said...

Are the spring peepers actually jingling away?

We will miss them, here in Arizona --- I love their jingle bells. Robert Frost's Hyla Brook --- read it again and listen for us since we can't!

Brian Miller said...

you are just rubbing it in on those wind scented you sleep good...smiles.

Pauline said...

gary, hope you're feeling better - pick some of those daffodils to cheer you up :)

barbara - how true. I wish those flowers lasted longer, too, as well as the lilacs which always seem to go too soon.

Judith - they are indeed. It's my favorite spring sound.

Brian - ;)