Friday, January 21, 2011

Thoughts Before Breakfast

At each window,
I linger,
taking in the sugary snow,

the plum-colored shadows
that lay beside the grasses,
winter-dried to shades of toast.

A lemon yellow sky striped with
raspberry, and vanilla pudding clouds
that mound along the horizon

make me realize that my eyes
are hungry. I watch the 
morning moon

and the small birds,
round as dough balls,
as they seek their own breakfast

in the branches of the lilac
that guards the door
leading to my kitchen.


Brian Miller said...

my eyes are now hungry too...smiles. love the mornings

deb said...

I am an early riser, never tiring of the morning coming alive.

and I have some plump juncos lately, very plump :)

Ruth said...

Lovely and lively additions to the "kitchen garden." :)

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh man, this is delicious. And true. Wow.

steven said...

that's so clever and real. shades of toast . . . i had never thought of that and yet it's so true!! steven

Roberta S said...

Lovely appetiser. Yum. For me, all the vanilla, raspberry, and lemon pie, I mean "sky", that I can possibly eat.

Pauline said...

Brian M- hunger shows up in the oddest places...

deb - me, too and... me, too!

Ruth - an alternate title!

Reya - I was hungry ;)

Steven - glad it didn't sound too... contrived. They do look toast-colored, yes?

Roberta- all my senses were hungry and so I was looking for favorite food similes :)

Sky said...

this photograph is so peacefully beautiful. i love the images conjured from "the plum colored shadows that lay beside the grasses, winter-dried to shades of toast" and little, hungry "dough balls!"