Sunday, January 23, 2011

Overlooking the River

In this spot where sunlight
throws sparkles off the snow,
where oak leaves tremble
in the circuitous wind
and ice melt trickles down
to lose itself in the softening snow,
where geese float and gabble and
flex their wings,
and last year's leaves 
whirl and settle and whirl again,
here where the sun 
warms my cold cheek,
and a hungry downy drums the wood,
here I will sit myself down
to watch and listen,
to hear the voice of the goose
and the chickadee,
and the singular hymn of the wind.


steven said...

pauline - what a lovely moment. thanks for sharing it. steven

Brian Miller said...

mmmm...sure feels serene to me...

Molly said...

Who needs to go to church when you can just come here for quiet, soulful meditation......

Tabor said...

Perfect. I caught the mood through the words even more than the photo.

June said...

I love this.
I stunned Husband this morning by walking outdoors barefoot to watch the wind blow the sparkles across the white expanse of "lawn."

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh wow. That's so Californian of me to react with those two words.

Geese sound like soprano saxophones to me. I wonder what they're saying to each other.

Roberta S said...

Love those "downy drums", Pauline. Also as always, I enjoyed ever sound, color, and movement in this 'word-pic'.

Hilary said...

What a perfect blend.. that beautiful image and those soothing words.

Pauline said...

Steven - the Cobble, where this photo was taken and the poem written, is an ever inspirational spot

Brian - that it was

Molly - the out of doors, especially the woods and meadows, ARE my church

Thanks, Tabor - I like that the poem stands alone

June - that sounds like something I'd do!

Reya - I will listen to geese now with that description in mind!

Thank you Roberta - makes me glad to know I can do that

Hilary - thank you. Your comments always make me feel good

Frank Baron said...

Ah...I like this one a lot. Lovely images and mood, painted with just the right words.

Sky said...

beautiful poetry, pauline.

Meggie said...

how beautiful.