Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Little Moments

One of my everyday little momentous moments

We all experience big moments that thrill us to the very marrow—births, weddings, reunions, reconciliations. It's the little moments however, the ordinary, ho-hum, didn’t-see-them-because-we-weren’t-looking miracles that make up our days. Here are a few of my favorites:

*Silence, broken by bird song or a child's laughter.

*Being kissed by a kitten. Or a child, a sweetheart, an old friend, a puppy (or a sunbeam).

*Finding money in my pocket unexpectedly.

*The first glimpse of a harvest moon hanging above the horizon like a glowing Japanese lantern, or walking along a silver moonpath on a snowbound night.

*Getting all green lights.

*Hearing a voice warm with love on the other end of the telephone line.

*Climbing between sheets that have been hung on a line to dry. It’s like falling asleep out of doors in the sun and wind. In fact, crawling into bed when I’m exhausted is such a marvelous moment that I try to stay awake long enough to relish its comfort.

*Opening a new book. Reading an old favorite. Making my own books. There’s an immense satisfaction that comes from making things from scratch.

*Feeling the weight of my grandchildren as they fall asleep against me. There is nothing more endearing than the faith of a child and nothing more rewarding than knowing you are trusted completely.

*Wearing my favorite sweater. The sleeves are stretched, the shoulders have been stitched and re-stitched and the color is faded from countless washings, but it is still the first thing I reach for when I’m chilly or in need of comfort.

*Facing a blank piece of paper. What better way to illustrate unlimited potential?

*Being the recipient AND the perpetrator of small kindnesses.


*Dawn…not such a little moment, perhaps, seeing as it banishes night and gives us a new day every single time, but so often we miss it in our hurry to be doing instead of being. I want to be in that first blush of light when the morning is fresh and the world holds its breath. I want to be kissed awake by that first sunbeam. 

What are yours?


Brian Miller said...

nice. i like these small miracles as well...seeing a newborn baby readh for things we can not see...the deer looking up at me in our back yard and returning to whatever they are eating...squirrels playing, giving smiles...the hig of one of my boys...a miracel themselves...

Gary said...

This is such a beautiful list. I know exactly what you mean about welcoming sleep when you are exhausted and wanting to "relish its comfort". You made me smile with that one (and I am still smiling). I am happy to 'know' you.

Hilary said...

A beautiful list, indeed. What a great way to start the day.. with all these beautiful thoughts and images. Thank you for that.

Molly said...

You said it all, leaving me.....speechless!

Jingle said...

well put!

Jingle said...

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