Tuesday, September 14, 2010

C at age one

My youngest child, C, and I often exchange poems. She is about to have her first child. My hope is that someday her own daughter will write a poem for her such as this one that C wrote years ago for me.


There are parts of my childhood
I don’t remember—
Losing my first tooth,
Learning to walk,
Tie my shoe.
But my heart remembers one constant—

Throughout the years I’ve learned
The world is full of—
Magic and miracles,
Light and laughter,
Struggles and solutions,
Obstacles and opportunities,
And through it all, my teacher’s been constant –

Love and joy are wonders to give
And receive, too.
So from the heart
I give these gifts
To my one constant—


Barbara said...

No mother could ever ask for anything better than this! You have done an extremely good job with each and every one of your children. Maybe you and C can jointly write a poem for your new grandchild!

Molly said...

Beautiful!A tribute to a job well done, and still doing! How soon?

Land of shimp said...

That's a lovely thing to be able to do with your daughter, exchanging poems. More lasting than a chat, that's for sure.

Congratulations! A new grandchild is, I'm sure, a very welcome addition.

I hope the poetic tradition continues into the next generation.

Brian Miller said...

ah this is beautiful you captured those early days and feelings well. i think any child would love to hear these words from their mother...

you should drop this at oneshot tonight...many would love to read such...

Pauline said...

Barbara - I like the thought of a joint poem. If we do one I will publish it here :)

Molly - baby is due Sept. 23 :)

LOS - hi! This baby will make three grandchildren for me and yes, it would be fun if she loved poetry, too!

Brian - my daughter wrote this for me so it was she who captured her childhood in words. If I post at oneshot it would have to be my own poem. I'll go look for one :)

deb said...

how wonderful.
you are so blessed
I hope I am the You to my children.

deb said...

how wonderful.
you are so blessed
I hope I am the You to my children.

deb said...

how wonderful.
you are so blessed
I hope I am the You to my children.

Kristen Haskell said...

That is a wonderful poem and no better gift a mother could receive.

Hilary said...

What a beautiful tribute from daughter to mother. Words to cherish. Your daughter bears a strong resemblance to you.. judging by this and the previous post's photo.

Frank Baron said...

What a great gift! And yet, in a way, it's your own coming back to you.

Her way with words came from someone.... ;)

Tabor said...

A most lovely tradition. You must have had a very good childhood because you appear to have passed it on.

Pauline said...

Deb - thanks (3 times ;) and I hope you are, too

Kristen - I agree!

Hilary - I see the resemblance in baby photos too, and with my granddaughter as well

Frank - she has surpassed me now :)

Tabor - I had a very good childhood and tried to give the same to my kids. They are all good people :)