Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Break

Snowflakes and raindrops and
no school, oh my!


We're getting a dose of winter. The roads are treacherous, the wet, heavy snow is threatening to down tree limbs and power lines, and the school where I work is closed for the day.  My neighbor's house, though only a few hundred feet away, is nearly obscured by a curtain of wafting flakes. The storm is beautiful and inconvenient, dangerous and flamboyant, and will be followed by yet another that is swirling into position off the Atlantic coastline. By Saturday, though, the weather will have settled, the snow will again start its slow withdrawal, and we will be a few days closer to spring.


I succumbed to the lure of the outdoors and took a long walk. A mile from home the snow turned to rain and I turned reluctantly. It isn't cold - the temperature is hovering right around 35 degrees - and I could have happily stayed outside for hours. I made a little snow companion in the seat of my outdoor swing. He looks a little more wistful than his brother of a few months ago, pictured below Little Snow Dude II.

Wistful Little Snow Dude II

Happy Little Snow Dude I


Tabor said...

I saw that you are getting what we got a few weeks ago. Lovely AND dangerous.

Barbara said...

We're not out of the winter woods just yet. Trucks are treating our roads right now in anticipation of what's coming tomorrow. I'm glad you enjoyed your "snow day."

Hilary said...

We're finally looking a bit like winter and yet, I'm so ready for spring. Love those snowmen. :)

Marion said...

I have been enjoying your photos of your snowy winter. There should be a lot of snow here in the Cariboo. But there is none at all. And I am beginning to think maybe we will not have any this year, if all the birds that are visiting are any indication.

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring.

Pauline said...

Tabor - this past snow was very wet and heavy but still lovely to look at and lots of fun to play in!

Barbara - you got much more than we did and with today's rain ours is almost gone.

Hilary and Marion - I am ready for spring too but it looks like we're in for a bit more winter. Sigh.

Barry said...

We have a bit of snow, but not much. Although I understand a real storm is coming our way tonight.

But we've been promised it before, this winter, without it happening.

I like both your little snow guys.

tattytiara said...

Ha! Your snow dudes are so cute. Just think how green spring's gonna be after all that snow!