Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Garden Watch

mint, basil, and lettuces

There is something to be said for having an herb garden right outside the kitchen door. Breakfast eggs are embellished with fresh chives and parsley, as are supper's potatoes. The oregano grows rampant in another section of the garden and seasons, among other things, a delectable eggplant dish made with tomatoes, onions, and Swiss cheese. The lemon mint that is growing to bush size will be transplanted elsewhere for next year. Its leaves find their way into glasses of iced tea. At lunch a few chives added color to a curried chicken salad on a bed of freshly picked lettuce leaves. Tonight fresh dill flavors a cucumber salad.

A rogue squash seed buried in the compost that was spread around the patio to nourish the flowers has grown monstrous and threatens to take over the yard. So far three round globes are forming. The vegetable garden over at the farm is puny this year - too much rain. I did have a fine mess of peas but not enough to freeze, the hail a few weeks ago decimated the spinach and the peppers and eggplant, though growing, have yet to flower. The tomato plants are enormous and if all goes well the potato crop will be twice what it was last year. Come for iced tea - stay for dinner!

chives, parsley and miniature strawberries


meggie said...

How wonderful to have all those healthy herbs growing. I have the decimated parsely, healthy thyme, miseryly mint, pitiful chives but roaring oregano. I will bring my own mint tea!

Pauline said...

meggie - wouldn't it be great fun to meet and actually have tea and a chat?

Barbara said...

How exciting to have fresh herbs in your own yard. You have inspired me to put some out on my deck. There's nothing better than being able to clip what you need at any time. Summer at your place sounds so idyllic, especially the summer house outside!

herhimnbryn said...

The glory of the garden!

Would love to stay for dinner. As they say over, can I bring a plate? (ie something on it it to share!).

shara said...

The garden's so lush and gorgeous. You've obviously got the same way with plants as you do with words.