Friday, May 01, 2009

Sonnet to the Bean

A fellow blogger, Genie, mentioned in a recent post that she was attempting to compose a sonnet to the bean. It tickled my fancy. Herewith is my first attempt. I find the rhyme scheme of a sonnet difficult and awkward (Shakespeare is a tough act to follow) so this may be modified at some point.

A bean seed buried deep will yield a plant,
and every plant may yield two dozen beans;
thus every bean bush rising is the means
of filling dinner plates that will enchant
the masses who have found them to be scant
through snowy winter months without some greens.
Now every diner at the table leans
in the direction of the simmering plant.
A bean is such a small thing and it can’t
compare itself to garden kings and queens
like the cauliflower’s pale unfolding scenes
or like the princely pumpkin’s gaudy rants.

The humble bean holds up its purple flower
and silently awaits the cooking hour.

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Roberta S said...

The sonnet could not be written to anything more deserving. Though beans don't freeze well, and canned are only a wee bit better, they are absolutely royal fare when fresh from the garden. They also work lovely as a substitute for Chinese bean sprouts in Egg Foo-Young (sp?) and other dishes.

I am so pleased that you chose to honor one of my favorite things with nothing less than a Shakespearean-style verse. Nice, Pauline. Very nice.

red dirt mule said...

oh i love beans.
i need to cook more.
sonnets ARE tough, but you've tackled it with your sublime finesse.

i love the couplet at the end.
verrrrry nice.

princess in waiting ... ha.

meggie said...

Oh I do love green beans! A very fitting sonnet.

shara said...

ooh! a bean song. the first part just skips along, like gilbert and sullivan in my head, breathless. it seems like everything I read lately ends up being sung in my head. I think it's because I'm in a period of happiness, and oh it is such a good place to be. I'm enjoying it for what it is - fleeting - but not rushing it away before its time by worrying about its ephemeral nature.

blah blah blah. I go on. thanks for the bean sonnet, it's given me such a smile this morning.

Barbara said...

Hail to the mighty bean! I've been a fan ever since reading about Jack's adventures.

I think you nailed the sonnet form perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Oh well done! Glad I provided the spark to such fine work! Sonnets are hard indeed -- so I'd better get to work on my own now, 'cause this may take a while ... :-)