Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day's End

I am wakened every morning by bird song and in the evening, the sun is sung down by the robins and the blackbirds, the finches and the orioles, the doves and the warblers. Deep in the woods the vireo calls good night, good night and if you're lucky, you'll hear the whip-poor-will sing.

You might catch a flash of blue as a jay wings its way home or see the swallows flash their feathers over the pond water in the waning light. The sun sets slowly through the clouds, turning them pink and then mauve. They float along the horizon like galleons in full sail, headed for tomorrow.

bottom photo: my yard at sunset

oriole photo credit: www.kiwifoto.com


Sky said...

your beautiful images and beautiful words meet happily giving us a delightful treat.

how i miss the whip-poor-wills. it has been years since i have heard one.

kaylee said...

You make me happy,
thank you
kay lee

Pauline said...

thanks sky! I could say the same when I visit your blog :)

and thank you kay lee.

Barbara said...

This time of the year the birds provide a free concert most any time of the day and many times of the night. Your place looks so serene and beautiful at sunset.

Pinkerbell said...

TAG - you're it!!... we're playing a game of tag in the blogosphere and I've tagged you. Come see my blog if you're not sure what to do!

red dirt mule said...

i love your view ... and viewpoint. i want to see an oriole! at the moment, the cardinals (we call 'em redbirds) have returned. i love seeing their flash of bright color. And house wrens have been scoping the wreath on my door for possible nesting. however, i think they settled on different real estate!


meggie said...

That photo is just wonderful! O to hear song birds again. These Aussies have a more raucous tone, & very little singing.

Ruth D~ said...

Perfect capture of nature's beauty. I just saw an oriole in the backyard last night, and now I hears its morning song. Lovely!