Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Photo Meme

Diane invited participants to a meme that includes a post describing the 4th picture from one's 4th photo folder. So, here are the "toad heads," my four blonde children, circa 1974. There's a story here, of course. I'd left the little ones in the car with my mother while I dashed into the store. When I came out, Ken, the tyke on the right, was in tears.

"Why are you crying?" I asked him.

He pointed to the back of a departing woman. "She called me a name!"

My mother leaned over the seat. "She stopped by and remarked about what cute little tow heads the kids were."

"See?" wailed Ken. "She called me a toad head, and she doesn't even know me!"

*Inviting all of you to participate :)


Ruth D~ said...

Cute story! And cute kids, warts and all.:>)

Molly said...

I can see why that woman was moved to remark on them---they're gorgeous! Did their hair stay so blonde or did it darken as the got older?

Java said...

AM, where do I fit in then?
Wow, it's beautiful!

Pauline said...

lol Ruth - thanks ;)

molly, the two girls have stayed blonde longer than the boys.

Ah AD - you must have been off playing when this photo was taken ;)

Barbara said...

I love this picture! Does Ken remember that incident?

Pauline said...

He does - lol. Mostly because we never let him forget it ;)

Mother of Invention said...

How precious! And man, you must have been a busy mother at this time of your life!!!

herhimnbryn said...

Beautiful children and a grand tale!

Pauline said...

MOI - I had a great time with my kids when they were small. I have a great time with them now that they're all grown. (And they're all still so cute ;)

Thanks HHB. I am partial to them, I am.