Saturday, July 04, 2015

One Day

Rain pattering on the steps, a counterpoint to the humming of the tea kettle. Eggs with fresh herbs from the dooryard garden. A few blackcaps stolen from the dish. The clatter of a fork chasing pie dough around a glass bowl. Clean sheets for the bed still smelling of yesterday's sunshine.

Bacon from a local farm, lettuce from the garden, a Florida tomato. A second cup of tea, listening to the whisper of book pages, a wren singing in the lilac bush.

Lobster and corn on the cob and berry tart for supper. An after dinner bike ride. Mosquitoes. Sunlight slanting through the trees. Millions of backlit, diaphanous wings. Swallows skimming the water, crows calling from the woods. Buttercups and black-eyed susans, day lilies and tiger lilies, and lily pads on the pond. The harrumph of a bullfrog. A waning sun, a pale blue sky, evening silence.



Out on the prairie said...

Very nice summer feeling with foods and sights around you. There certainly is a nice feel in all the comfort foods. Bursting right now from too much watermelon, but will have more tomorrow for breakfast.

Tabor said...

Rather full day of sensory wealth that you have.

Wisewebwoman said...

"The clatter of a fork chasing pie dough around a glass bowl."



Peter Bryenton said...

Word balm.

With the advantage of good illustrations.

Peter Bryenton said...

Word balm with picture bonuses.