Monday, June 23, 2014


S at 3 with her Memere
My eldest granddaughter S is visiting for a few days. She first came to stay with me when she was just past two years of age. She sat happily strapped in her car seat, remarking on everything she saw out the window and holding the little blue stuffed dog that normally sits on my dashboard and helps with navigation. When we got to the cottage she went straight to the black and white toy barn sitting on the lawn and there she stayed, building twig fences and having conversations with the rubber cows. When her parents called that evening to say goodnight, she took the phone, shouted, "Memere's got a barn!" and handed the phone back to me.

Now 13, she's happily ensconced on the daybed, deep in the pages of a book. She likes to cook, bless her, and made chicken parmesan for dinner last night.  This morning we debated having pancakes or an omelette. She chose pancakes with syrup and fruit so I ambled over to the fridge, took out eggs and milk, popped out the door for fresh herbs and stood mixing the omelette before it registered that I should be making pancake batter! In the space of five steps I'd forgotten what she'd asked for. She is making pancakes for lunch.

In our two days together we've pulled the stubborn grass from between the path's paving stones, weeded the flower beds, and picked wildflowers. We've taken evening strolls past the pond, sat companionably on the lawn swing and read books, hung laundry on the line and watched movies after dark. We're going for a swim soon. She is a champion swimmer, long of arm and leg, sleek with muscle.

Later this afternoon we're off to my daughter's to play with the younger granddaughters. S's mom will come tomorrow to fetch her. I will miss having her beautiful self with me but she's promised to come back before summer's end. I can't wait!

Ten years later.


PhilipH said...

We are all so lucky to have a grandchild or grandchildren. So very fortunate.

They bring us hope and joy even when life seems cloudy and grey.

I'm sharing your happiness by just reading your post and seeing the lovely picture.

Pauline said...

Thanks, Philip - I love my grandchildren! And you have some as well, yes?

Brian Miller said...

oh i bet you can not...ha...its so fun to have boys are really reading a lot this summer...funny that what was once a chore is now fun for them...

Tabor said...

You are drowning in blessings it seems.

Wisewebwoman said...

Love this post. I miss Grandgirl so much we normally spend chunks of the summer just the two of us but this year she is backpacking Europe and she'll be 20 in October.

Your post brought tears, sad for me, joy for you :)


Barbara Shallue said...

She is beautiful, and lucky to have a grandmother like you! She sounds like a gem, herself!