Sunday, March 09, 2014

Sunday Prompts

Two works written in response to this Sunday's prompts: "it would be fine if..." inspired by a poem called It Would Be Fine by Rosemary Starace, and "art."

If, And, Or

It would be fine
if I walked out the door tomorrow
and became a tree
the tall, sturdy kind
with its roots grown deep
and its head in the clouds
branches outflung, tender-tipped with buds
that would become leaves
that would become producers of oxygen
that I could breathe in if I didn’t become
a tree,

if, instead, I became a bird
that might alight on my hand
if I stretched it out like a tree branch,
if I could be bird, and branch and hand
and breathe
it would be fine.

If I could be a cloud
that sails the blue sea of the sky,
that plies the ground with rain;
if I could be the wind
that moves the cloud
if I could shine down, shine on, shine through,
be a sun of benevolence,
a sun of vast light,
a sun of strident heat,
it would be fine
if I pulled the fallen rain up
to fill another cloud

that might water a tree
which I might become
when I walk out the door tomorrow.

Seasonal Art

On the mat by the door
the winter boots wait—
a welter of rubber and suede and felt,
one small blue boot
tipped over like an abandoned boat
left to wait for the tide.

A jumble of footwear
made into art by disuse,
a hodge-podge of color,
and fabric, and shape,
a still life until
it snows.


Brian Miller said...

i could def be a tree..letting the birds nest in me...always reaching high....or a cloud to float by...smiles.

hope you are having a nice sunday

Anonymous said...

There are mornings when I'm so taken by the sky and the clouds and the birdsong that I'm frozen in place and feel like a tree.

Michael Manning said...

Poetry is truly a lost art. I enjoyed this post!

Joanna Jenkins said...

WE both have trees on our brains-- er, um blogs. Loved this one.

Pauline said...

Brian - I was told by a writer friend that I was a tree once. I can buy that :)

Barbara - I know exactly what you mean!

Michael - your comments always lift my spirits.

JJ - tis the season ;)