Saturday, March 01, 2014


Ducks returning to the pond

March is the month
of smoke and mirrors,
all those grey skies,
those dancing flakes on
violent winds,
pond middles still iced in.
But oh, don’t be deceived.
There is light in the sky until
evening now, and warmth
in the noontime sun.
Spring’s magic hat spills birds
into the morning and they sing
of April.


Hilary said...

I want to hear the April chorus. So far, March is still droning on about February.

Lovely imagery as always, Pauline.

Marc Leavitt said...


I can see a flock of song birda rising up from your magic hat; vividly. I can hear them, too.


Tabor said...

Truth to beauty...lovely.

Brian Miller said...

ah, most definitely...sing of april....we will get the mean time i am happy with warmer...ha hilary, droning on about february...smiles.

Reya Mellicker said...


Friko said...

May you be right in what you say.
It’s March first and March has so many surprises up her sleeve.

But the birds have started their morning choral, so something is sure to change.

Out on the prairie said...

March always makes me think of getting a new kite and holding a ball of string until my hands could barely get it rolled back in as a child.

Pauline said...

It's early in the month yet, Hilary. The song will come :)

Marc - the highest of compliments, thanks :)

And thank you, Tabor - such positive comments encourage me to keep writing.

Brian - you are so right, the warmth is welcome!

Thank you Reya :)

Friko - change is inevitable, thank goodness.

OOTP - oh! those glorious windy days!

June said...

I think the image of Spring's magic hat spilling out birds will stay with me.
Thank you for that. :-)

Anonymous said...

Perfect description of it! We've had summer-ish days that fell quickly smackdab back into winter. Crazy! But I know warm (hot!) days are coming soon, so I'm trying to enjoy the last of the cold days.

Laura said...

absolutely gorgeous writing… that's march alright!