Friday, November 08, 2013

Changing Seasons

The bulk of yesterday was dominated by a gray mass of storm clouds that dumped rain at frequent intervals. I drove alternately through bursts of rain splatters and swirling leaves. Just before sunset the wind tattered the clouds and blew them eastward, letting pure gold light gild the treetops as the sun melted down to kiss the pond. Then the whole sky blushed scarlet. The temperature dipped into the low 30s overnight and today's high did not reach above the high 40s.

I have been out of doors in the wind and sunshine and the occasional snowflake, readying the garden beds for winter. I clipped back the dead stalks of phlox and bee balm, picked the last tiny rosebuds to tuck in a vase on the kitchen windowsill, and pulled the dead tomato and pepper vines. The patio chairs are stored in the garage, the umbrella has been folded away. The forsythia still has its leaves; when they fall things will begin to look winter-stark.

Birds frequent the feeder morning and afternoon. Earlier, a large jay perched precariously on the top of the slender shepherd's crook and yelled as he teetered, but he didn't keep the busy finches at bay for long. All winter long the small seed feeders that winter over here will come to eat. Soon it will be time to put out the suet cakes for the nuthatches and woodpeckers. The view from my window is better than TV.

Geese are gathering by the hundreds on the pond across the road from the cottage. Already I've seen several large flocks headed south. They call to one another and then rise as one above the water, circling once before beating their way high into the blue. Soon the only sounds will be the wind and the hush a million snowflakes make tumbling over each other - possibly as early as the middle of next week. Over and over the great seasonal wheel turns.


Tabor said...

We lost a bunch of leaves over night in the winds and rains. Today is sunny but also cold and I have been doing chores inside.

A Cuban In London said...

I love that first photo, top to bottom. It looks magical, like autumn. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Kerry said...

It's remarkable, isn't it, how the seasons transform our world, over and over? It seems to be more beautiful with every passing year, and more precious for sure.

Brian Miller said... on your view...its bitter cold here tonight...just got home from the football game...last one of the season...yet another sign pointing to winter for us...they say snow next week here...hmm....

Michael Manning said...

It's always amazing to see how different the weather is throughout parts of the country!

Out on the prairie said...

Have my horse trailer full of belongings transferred back to the farm and racing the weather to unload before next week when it becomes super cold.he nice weather makes me want to play instead of work.

Molly said...

A window with a view like that is better than a TV any day!

Friko said...

Our winter is not quite as imminent as yours; there is still a little of autumn left.
I too stand at the window and watch birds at the bird table and flocks of rooks swoop in great circles across the sky.

Although I miss the amenities of the big city I cannot imagine ever living there again and losing all the magic that open countryside has to offer.

Pauline said...

tabor - the warmth is definitely gone. We seem to be skipping sweater weather and heading straight for the coats!

ACIL - the sunsets have been splendid lately.

Kerry - it's one reason I live where I do - I love all four seasons.

Brian - we were supposed to get snow by mid-week but it looks like the storm will go out to sea instead.

MM- I've lived here in New England, and in the southwest and out in the mid-west. The differences are remarkable.

OOTP - I feel the same way so I try to make my work my play ;)

Molly - I so agree!

Friko - I have never lived in a city, only visited them, but I know that living rural is what I want.

Hilary said...

A beautiful tapestry woven with your words and photos. We're getting a bit of winter these days.