Saturday, October 12, 2013

Yesterday, Tomorrow

My day started with a walk before breakfast. Almost all the songbirds have departed; the mornings belong now to the crow and the jay. Several crows rose in a black cloud from the field as I passed, yelling and scolding as they settled into the branches of a large oak. Overhead three geese winged their way into the sunrise. Their undersides turned silver in the light.

Across the pond the trees are changing their green dresses for brighter colors - red and orange and vibrant yellow. They stare at their own reflections in the water and dance when the wind blows. Chipmunks are busy in the underbrush. One races across the road in front of me, his cheeks bulging.

It is good to have a day with absolutely no responsibilities. I walked until my stomach made my thoughts turn to food, then retraced my steps. Once the breakfast dishes were cleared and the floor vacuumed, I gathered up the dozens of catalogs that had accumulated while I'd been on vacation and sat on the outdoor swing to peruse and dream.

An afternoon nap after lunch seemed a good idea so I stretched out in the sunshine and dozed. I ignored the weedy gardens, the unpainted radiators, the cupboards and fridge and windows in need of washing, and idled away the afternoon hours with a good book and another mug of tea.

The day ended much as it began. I took a walk. Along the way I set free a hundred milkweed seeds. The geese returned from their foray into the cornfields. This time the setting sun turned their bodies to gold.

The light leeched slowly from the sky until full dark hid even the closest landmarks. Now the moon rides silently amid the stars and my bed beckons.

Perhaps I shall repeat today tomorrow.


Brian Miller said...

a day that begins and ends with a walk---and with little responsibility in the middle, i like time to appreciate the little details of life....

Tabor said...

Your area looks much like mine except we are behind in the season from you. I have not had time to get out and listen to birds!!

Judith said...

A day of serenity. What a gift to yourself!
And your post is a gift to us ---

A Cuban In London said...

How beautiful your post is! :-) Repeat the day tomorrow and the day after, and the day after...

Greetings from London.

Pauline said...

Brian, my favorite days often start and end with a solitary walk.

Tabor - the mornings are almost silent now. Our colors are past peak but it's still so beautiful out of doors!

Thank you, J. You challenge, I soothe?

A Cuban in London - it's a pleasure to be able to repeat days like this, and then to share them with appreciative readers. Thanks!