Saturday, September 28, 2013


From WWW's site come ten questions and from me a break in the trip posts.

"My 10 Questions for you:"

1. Who wrote the last email you responded to.
2. The first line of your favourite song or poem.
3. Your favourite meal in the whole wide world.
4. Describe in 10 words the view from the window in the room/location where you are right now.
5. Your last holiday - where to and who with.
6. Your best time of the day.
7. Your favourite toy as a child.
8. Your greatest fear.
9. The last snail mail you sent and to whom, card, letter or note.
10.Describe what you're wearing right now.

1. A friend from Australia. We've been exchanging near daily emails for thirteen years.
2. "Whose woods these are I think I know..." Robert Frost. It was one of the first poems I memorized as a child.
3. Steak (rare), fresh asparagus, and mashed potatoes. As children we were allowed to choose our birthday dinner. In our family of six, steak was a twice a year treat. I've eaten that same meal on my birthday for as long as I can remember.
4. Maples wearing autumn shades, sunflowers nodding, sunshine lying across grass.
5. To Oregon to visit my eldest son and my two sisters with journeys to the Pacific coast and three separate central Oregon eco-systems.
6. Morning and evening, dawn and dusk.
7. My wood-framed chalkboard. I drew whole worlds on it.
8. That I might have to endure a long, wretched death.
9. A note to my son with my favorite photo of our trip together.
10. Blue jeans and a fleece. Haven't fit into these jeans in 14 months but they buttoned today! All that hiking :)


Brian Miller said...

the chalkboard...smiles...i like my notepad...forst is cool as well...

pretty cool too on the friend you have had a 13 year convo with...smiles.

Tabor said...

I may try this if I can answer at least most of the questions. Congrats on the that you have lost weight!! Keeping in touch every day for 13 years must be a record!

Hilary said...

Very cool about the jeans. Even more so, your view sounds perfect.

I like the idea of question #2. Mine is:
"Across the vein of night there cuts a path of searing light, burning like a beacon on the edges of our sight, at the point of total darkness and the lights divine divide, a soul can let its shadow stretch and land on either side." Nexus by Dan Fogelberg.