Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Since You Asked...

My friend Judith, at her blog Touch2Touch, offered a challenge she herself accepted from one of her blogging friends. I've done memes from time to time and have enjoyed in turn learning tidbits about others I might not have suspected. Here are my answers to questions selected from the two sets she posted. 
1. What was your favorite pastime when you were young?
Reading. No matter that the weather spoiled outdoor plans or a playmate disappointed; a good book always saved the day.  
2. What do you do for play now?
I still read (when I'm not out of doors gardening or hiking about).
3. If you could make one change to your life, right now, and have it stick, what would it be?
I'd restore the keen eyesight I had as a child.
4. What is your most memorable meal?
Fish & Chips eaten while sitting on a bench overlooking the Avon River.
5. What do you miss most about being a kid?
My uncomplicated sense of time. The days spun out before me as unending.
6. If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing, what would it be?
Don't put too much emphasis on what other people think of you. 

My mother grew up with the dictum, What will people think? guiding her every moment. That question has colored my life in not-so-pretty colors; I'm ready now to follow with   questions of my own: Who cares and why? Once those are answered, I can decide whether to let it matter or not.
7. You find a $50 bill but you have to spend it right now—what do you buy?
Food for the local food pantry.
8) What is your favorite movie adaptation of a book? Least favorite?
The Horse Whisperer was brought to life by Robert Redford. On the other hand, Gone With the Wind was far superior between book covers.
9) Where is your favorite place to write?
I have two. The first is in my tiny office space, sitting in front of my computer. The second is ensconced on the swing in my screened tent during the warm months. I type much faster than I write but when I'm out of doors I don't mind slowing down and writing by hand.
10) What was your favorite toy as a child?
I had a lap-sized chalkboard framed in wood. It's smooth gray surface held anything I cared to draw, and the swipe of a rag undid it all. I loved the impermanence of it; mistake or masterpiece suffered the same fate. Nowadays I have a Zen Board that works much the same way. Whatever I draw on it disappears in time. It's a life lesson I need to remember over and over.
11) What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?
My children. They are marvelous people and though I can't claim that they are wonderful because of me, I can claim that they are here because of me. Having them was worth every bit of anxiety, pain, worry and frustration because loving (and being loved by) them outweighs every negative.
*Bonus* 12) What are the top five things on your bucket list?
1. Spend lots more time with my grandchildren
2. Learn to swim
3. Publish a book of poetry
4. Revisit Europe
5. Take classes in etymology, book binding, drawing, and any other subject that takes my fancy.

What about you?


Judith said...

As the Reader's Digest (I think) used to headline it: Little Known Facts about Well Known People!
Thanks for playing the game, Pauline. Interesting to see what I recognized and what surprised me about you.

JeannetteLS said...

Interesting questions. I looked at the favorite and worst books put to movie form. "To Kill a Mockingbird" is a favorite book, and movie. They had to eliminate a plot line and compress, but I felt the movie had a magic that brought the book to another level all its own. I think one of the WORST was "The Prince of Tides." That book had layer upon layer upon layer, like so many books by southern writers. But the movie? It just felt like an excuse for Streisand to play a romantic lead--it seemed to take one of the LESSER plotlines and put it at the center.

That was probably the LEAST telling of all your questions, I know. But I feel as if we shared some of those answers--reading. And I used to write under the three story willow tree in our family's yard.

Pauline, it is good to read your blog again.

Tabor said...

I would say that 50% of your answers are very similar to mine!

Friko said...

Yes, I could copy a lot of your answers too. We bloggers are all very alike, at least the bloggers with whom I get on well.

Books and gentle entertainments, that's about all that make life special now. And writing about them, of course.

Friko said...

That's weird, just as I clicked on 'publish', the email pinger went and it was you!

Brian Miller said...

uncomplicated time for sure...and i love to read....yum on the fish and chips....

Kerry said...

Your list is similar to mine as well. huh. I can never decide about food, though. There are so many delicious memories. Maybe the best was the hot dog on a buttered, toasted bun in the department store cafeteria where my mother took my once a year.

Pauline said...

J - what surprised you?

Jeannette - it's always interesting to see what you have in common with others. I agree about To Kill a Mockingbird.

Tabor - which ones?

Friko - we're kin, I'm sure.

Brian - fish & chips in England is a far cry from the same meal here and to eat it there just made it taste that much better!

Kerry - usually my favorite meal is whatever I happen to be eating at the time but that was a memorable one as much for the setting as the food.

patteran said...

Interesting questions and equally interesting answers. Fish and chips by the Avon, eh? Sounds ideal.

A request, Pauline. The book's out very soon and I'm currently preparing a dedication naming all those who have been so supportive of the processes that brought the poems about. I must include you, but I don't have a surname. Could you email me it asap? Many thanks.

Peter Bryenton said...

Both items numbered 4 ought to coincide again. The River Avon and the fish and chips will wait for you.

Barbara Shallue said...

Loved getting this glimpse of you (although your answers weren't complete surprises, I'll admit!) We have much in common!