Saturday, February 18, 2012

Borrowing Posting Energy

There's a stunning poem posted at Talk At the Table, and a challenge to share your own table stories. I've been neglecting my blog; I've been buried in the past, resurrecting long-gone family members. I am sticking with the that theme and presenting a resurrected poem. There IS a table in it...

Message in the Bottle

Here is the table I set for dinner,
There is the glass you empty and fill.
There is the chair where I sit and I watch
As you knock your own to the floor.

There is the bottle that stands between us;
There is the hand that empties the glass.
There is the message that pours out like liquid.
Drowning the slam of the door.


Friko said...

There's nothing at all left to say.

Brian Miller said...

gosh nice intensity in your words....i wonder if that bottle got in the way...hmmm...

Pauline said...

Friko - right you are. And the next time the door slammed, I was the one doing it.

Brian - I lived a long time with someone who found his courage, and finally most of his reason to live, in a bottle. This is just one of our many moments and in the end, the bottle came between us.

Out on the prairie said...

A sad decision to give up on life

Brian Hayes said...

Damn booze. When will we understand dopamine? Certainly not by ignoring triggers; becoming able. I vote for a curricula of Brain Managing 101.

Superb poet you are.

Rubye Jack said...

I've known that feeling of sitting and watching.

red dirt girl said...

Powerful poems - both yours and the one linked to at Table talk!


JeannetteLS said...

Mine was a glass of amber next to her hand, on her side table. But the sound remains the same.

Powerful... and so hard to know what this all meant for you back then.

deb colarossi said...

oh, this just slayed me Pauline.

and thank you so much for joining the community of tables. I loved you meme answers above as well. I imagine we would get along quite well in real life.

Pauline said...

OOTP - even sadder was that he didn't see it that way.

Brian H - thanks. I couldn't understand it either since i don't drink.

RJack - terrible, isn't it?

Hey RDG - good to see you!

Jeannette - it meant heartache, for sure. But, it's done and I'm still upright so all's well that ends well.

Deb - we would, indeed. Wouldn't it be fun to sit over tea and talk poetry?