Saturday, October 15, 2011


*Vollkommenheit is a German word meaning perfection, completeness. This morning's dawn could also be part of the definition.

What of the large and small joys
that make up the days?
What of the morning mist
that rises on the pond
milky white,
then gold in the rising sun,
then gone?

What of music
of laughter, or birdsong?
What of love
in any of its guises?

While we weep,
the sun rises and sets,
commanded by something

The song of the spheres
plays unendingly,
even when we are not


Gary said...

Oh, but what a privilege to tune in an listen every so often! That is when appreciation can happen. I am so with you in wanting to express this gratitude and happiness for the mist, the sun, the joys, the laughter, the music...

You have set a beautiful tone for my weekend.

Tabor said...

We are but a small part of the rhythm of this change of the seasons, aren't we?

Brian Miller said...

sigh, lovely flow and wonderful questions mixed with beautiful imagery...what beautiful rhythm creation has in it becoming...

Out on the prairie said...

Very niice, I have been thinking in a similar train of thought to write about driving into the setting full moon for a few hours before dawn .

June said...

Thank you for that.
Beauty all around . . . all we have to do is stop and notice.

Molly said...

We had such a moment this evening when the sun was setting. We have tall pine trees out back and they were silhouetted by the sunset behind them which painted the sky with crimson, purple and gold---Vollkommenheit!

Rubye Jack said...

This time of year makes my heart sing. It is a time to listen closely.
This is beautiful!

Barbara said...

The last sentence is so true. We pay little attention until something is out of order.

Barbara Shallue said...

What a beautiful reminder to keep paying attention - we miss so much when we get distracted by lesser things.

Dianne said...

I felt calmer just reading your words
and the photo is lovely

thank you for visiitng my Steve Jobs post
keep looking to those clouds :)

Pauline said...

Gary - your comment just made my day! Thanks :)

Tabor, small but significant...

Thanks, Brian M. I'm just copying nature...

OOTP - sounds wonderful - drive on the moonpath!

June -we're well rewarded when we do, aren't we?

Molly - exactly! And though the sunset probably doesn't care if we notice it, we do!

Thanks, RJ :)

Barbara - unless we train ourselves to notice things that are in order...

Barbara S - i so agree. Little things can break or make us!

Dianne - thank you for returning the visit. That was a well deserved POTW!