Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Early Morning

mist rises into the quiet sky
drawn by a silent sun;
the earth sleeps on.

a bird drops notes like dew
on grass, gently, softly.
flowers sing muted songs

trees are green leafed statues.
I could be all alone in the world
save for the sounds

of early morning.


Brian Miller said...

nice...love the sounds of the morning and the world coming alive....the fog too adds that element as well, mystery excitement...

ha, we both 'drop notes' today too...smiles.

Tabor said...

You re-created the feel for me with your words.

Reya Mellicker said...

Beautiful. I feel peaceful just reading this.

I was thinking yesterday that spring is really noisy, but summer is quiet.

Thanks for this!

Out on the prairie said...

This was very nicely written. This is a favorite time of day for me.

Stafford Ray said...

This really captured that 'alone' feelling only felt in the mist of a forest. But actually, just a few trees in the mist can feel like a forest, so perhaps that's it!

steven said...

an entirely peaceful and kind space is created in your words and in the extraordinary image above. i value quiet and aloneness so much. thankyou. steven

Pauline said...

Brian - it was so quiet here after three weeks of dogs and kids!

Tabor - it's nice when i succeed

Reya - I had three weeks of noise to come down from. The mist this morning seemed a blessing

Thanks, OOTP. It's one of my favorite times, too

Stafford - the photo was taken among the redwoods in CA, a whole forest of them. That's me under the tree

Steven, me too!

Anonymous said...

A gorgeous piece of writing! So glad I came across it! // Peter.

Pauline said...

Thanks for stopping by to read and comment Juca2